Project Information

The pipelines being replaced on the island include force mains, water mains and drainage pipe. Force mains are pressurized pipelines that convey raw wastewater to the treatment facility. Water mains are pressurized pipelines that supply drinking water to homes and businesses. Drainage pipes collect stormwater from rainfall events and use gravity to transfer the water to ponds for storage and treatment. All these water systems are vital to the quality of life enjoyed by residents, businesses and visitors to Anna Maria Island. 

The pipelines will be constructed using a mix of open-cut excavation and directional drilling. The construction will generally take place between 7 A.M. to 7 P.M. and will require periodic lane closures, detours and flagging operations as needed to install the pipelines. Access to homes and businesses will be maintained and any planned interruptions in water service will be noticed in advance and are expected to be relatively short in nature. 

All construction activities will take place within the Manatee County, City of Anna Maria and City Bradenton Beach established property easements and right-of-way. All projects will include restoration of roadway and sidewalk pavement disturbed by construction of the force mains and force gravity sewer. Additionally, the contractor will replace all concrete, brick, and shell driveways, landscaping, grass, and any mailboxes and signs that may need to be removed as part of the pipeline construction projects.

While we make these improvements to the Anna Maria Island water systems, residents and visitors are asked to:

  • Be on the lookout for flagging operations and lane closures
  • Exercise caution and avoid walking or biking around active construction equipment
  • Avoid entering construction areas
  • Watch for materials, trucks, and construction equipment stored or operating around construction areas

Interactive Map

Get project specific information by viewing the map located at the link below.

Frequently Asked Questions

Crews will be locating utilities and clearing the right of way before starting directional drilling or excavation for pipe installation in the project corridor. Where trenches are excavated, pumps may be used to remove the groundwater. Residents and visitors are asked to remain alert and exercise caution around construction equipment and materials in work zones and nearby areas.

These projects are divided into several phases. You may see intermittent work as well as different types of construction activities happening at the same time. In addition to information provided on the project website, door hangers or flyers will be distributed in advance of major construction activities starting in your area.  These notices will let residents know about upcoming activities, potential impacts, and any special instructions that may apply. Construction activities may be rescheduled for the following day(s) without additional notice.

You may see crews start clearing right-of-way and dewatering – eliminating excess water – ahead of the pipeline installation.  The right-of-way extends approximately 15 from the edge of pavement and landscape and hardscape items within this area, including trees and driveways, will be removed.  

Construction activities will take place within Manatee County and City right-of-way.