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Force Main 15

Construction Start Date: April 2019
Completion Date: August 2020

The Force Main 15 project replaced just over a quarter mile of 6-inch pipeline along North Bay Boulevard from Hibiscus Road to North Pine Avenue.

Force Main 8

Construction Start Date: April 2019
Anticipated Completion Date: Fall 2020

The construction work has been completed. Crews will be striping the roadway on Clark Drive and Marina Drive in the upcoming weeks.

Force Main 1

Construction Start Date: April 2019
Anticipated Completion Date: Fall 2020

The Force Main 1 project will replace a combination of 4-inch, 6-inch and 8-inch force main pipelines. The project starts at Cortez Road W. and Church Street North and runs south to Bridge Street. At Bridge Street the project shifts to Bay Drive South and runs to 5th Street South. It continues down 5th Street South to Gulf Drive North where it turns and runs south to 6th Street South. It then travels down 6th Street South to the end of the street. Once completed, just over one-half mile of new pipe will be installed. The project also includes construction of approximately 800 feet of 10-inch gravity sewer pipeline along 5th Street South to Gulf Drive North, down Gulf Drive North to 6th Street South, and down 6th Street South.

Current Activities


Construction along Gulf Drive has been completed and crews are continuing to clean-up and restore Gulf Drive between 6th Street South and 5th Street South. All travel lanes on Gulf Drive are currently open. Asphalt work has been completed on Church Street North and Bay Drive North.

The last section of gravity sanitary sewer main pipeline for this project has been installed on 5th Street South and individual segments of pressurized force main pipeline previously installed on Church Street North and Bay Drive North have been connected. Construction crews will now be connecting the pressurized force main to the lift station located on 6th Street South and the existing force main located under the Cortez Road West Bridge. Once complete, these pressurized force mains will carry wastewater flow off the island to the Manatee County Southwest Water Reclamation Facility.  In addition, crews will begin the clean-up and roadway restoration work including asphalt resurfacing on 5th Street South, 6th Street South, and Gulf Drive. Weather permitting, this work is scheduled to begin in the next 7-10 days.

Construction will continue 6-days per week, Monday through Saturday, to expedite project completion and minimize impacts to residents and motorists. However, these roadways will continue to have intermittent travel lane interruptions and closures as the work is completed. If possible, please avoid these roads until work is completed in fall 2020.

Coquina Beach Improvements

Construction Start Date: Spring 2020
Anticipated Completion Date: To Be Determined

This project is designed to improve stormwater drainage and parking conditions at the Coquina Beach Parking Area in Bradenton Beach. Construction will take place in two phases. Phase 1 includes improvements to the southern parking area and Phase 2 includes improvements to the northern parking area. The project also involves striping parking spaces for 865 vehicles, as well as new irrigation and landscaping. The project is being funded largely through Tourism Development Taxes, as approved by the Tourism Development Council and the Manatee County Board of County Commissioners.

Current Activities

Phase 1 of the project, which included stormwater drainage, parking lot paving, and the installation of 103 native trees and irrigation in the southern parking lot, is complete. Phase 2, which includes stormwater drainage and parking enhancements to the northern parking lot, is expected to begin in fall 2020.

AMI Water Main Improvements

Construction Start Date: Spring 2020
Anticipated Completion Date: Fall 2020

The Anna Maria Island (AMI) Water Main project includes the installation of new water main pipelines that will provide better fire protection, water quality and water pressure to the residents and businesses along the beach communities on Anna Maria Island. The project started in early 2020 and will complete in the fall 2020.

Current Activities

The Anna Maria Island (AMI) Water Main improvements currently include the AMI Phase 32 Water Main. Construction crews have completed  installation of the water main pipes and the following roads will receive asphalt paving within the next 14 days: Avenue A from 26th Street North to 25th Street North, the end of 25th Street North at Avenue A, the end of 26th Street North at Avenue A, and the intersection of 24th Street North and Canasta Drive. The County is currently working to connect water services to the new line along Avenue A. The project is expected to be completed in fall 2020.

Holmes Boulevard Force Main Replacement

Anticipated Construction Start Date: Spring 2021

Manatee County Utilities owns and operates approximately 4,000 feet of 16-inch force main along Holmes Boulevard which conveys wastewater from a lift station on Holmes Boulevard and 69th Street and discharges to a gravity sewer manhole on 52nd Street. The project also includes replacement of approximately 1,100 feet of 8-inch force main which conveys flows from a lift station located on Marina Drive and 58th Street. The existing force mains have reached the end of their useful operational life and will be replaced with 16-inch and 8-inch PVC pipe. The new 16-inch force main will be installed along Holmes Boulevard and the new 8-inch force main will be installed along 58th Street. This project also includes the upsizing of water main pipes along Holmes Boulevard from 2-inch and 4-inch diameter to 6-inch diameter. Additionally, existing water services within both force main corridors will be replaced to meet current County standards.

The replacement of aging sewer and water infrastructure will improve the resiliency of the City of Holmes Beach sewer and potable water system by reducing the risk of pipe failures and leaks. Additionally, the upsizing of the water mains along Holmes Boulevard will help minimize public impact when future water main upgrades along the intersecting streets of Holmes Boulevard are constructed as part of the Manatee County Capital Improvement Plan.

Current Activities

This project is currently in the design phase.

Bradenton Beach Sewer Rehabilitation

Anticipated Construction Start Date: To Be Determined

In August 2020, the County completed on-site survey work that will be used in the project design.