Frequently Asked Questions

The majority of construction activities are scheduled to take place between 7 a.m. and 7 p.m., Monday through Friday.

Crews will be performing utility location, as well as clearing, digging, pumping, hauling, and pipe installation along rights-of-way and in alleyways along the project corridor. In an abundance of caution, residents are asked to remain vigilant and watchful in observance of equipment, trucks, and transport/staging of project materials in work zones and nearby areas.

The project is divided into multiple phases, with intermittent and simultaneous activities occurring throughout and at various intervals. In addition to information provided on the project website, door hangers will be distributed along affected corridors in advance of commencement of activities. The door hangers will inform residents of upcoming activities, impact, and special instructions that may apply. If weather is a factor, the planned activities may be rescheduled for the following day(s) without additional notice.

To prepare for installation along each segment, crews will perform dewatering (elimination of excess water) in alleyways. Once installation of water and force main pipes begins, crews will begin clearing right-of-way areas – extending from the edge of pavement to 15′ back. As a result, landscape and hardscape items, as well as trees and driveways, both concrete and paved, shall be removed.

Access to homes and businesses will be maintained during construction.

Construction activities will take place within Manatee County’s right of way.

Water shut-offs are not scheduled or anticipated during daytime hours; however, if unforeseen pipelines are detected, it may be necessary.

Right-of-way restoration of Avenue C is being performed by Westra Construction under the oversight of the City of Bradenton Beach. (All questions related to driveway and right-of-way restoration should be directed to City Engineer, Lynn Burnett, P.E., at (941) 526-3375 or