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Notice to Residents/Property Owners:

Crews will be observed performing utility location, as well as clearing, digging, pumping, hauling, and pipe installation along rights-of-way and nearby alleyways. Residents are asked to exercise caution in observance of equipment, trucks, and transport/staging of project materials in work zones and nearby areas.

Property owners are urged to refrain from installing landscape or hardscape items, as well as from making any driveway modifications, until completion of the project, which is expected to continue through 2018. Property owners are also asked to remove any landscape and/or hardscape items that currently exist in the right-of-way area abutting their property (from roadside to 15’ back), prior to commencement of activities, should they wish to preserve or salvage those items. (Note: Driveway pavers/bricks will be palletized and provided to property owners upon removal.)

Current Construction: 

Gulf Drive

Open-cut installation of an 18″ transmission force main in the existing northbound lanes of Gulf Drive between 9th Street and north of Cortez Road and proceeding eastward down the Cortez Road bridge embankment is now complete. Crews are performing tie-ins at 9th Street and at the Cortez Road embankment, as well as sodding the embankment.

Paving of Gulf Drive from Cortez Road northward to 10th Street will begin in January 2019. Work will be performed during daytime hours and will require maintenance of traffic to ensure the safety of work crews and the traveling public.

Avenue C

Force main installation and water main tie-ins on Avenue C are complete. Upon completion of testing, crews will be tying in at 23rd Street.
The first lift of paving on Avenue C has been completed, with final paving to occur following right-of-way restoration. 

Restoration of right-of-way areas will be performed by Westra Construction under the oversight of the City of Bradenton Beach. Activities will include installation of a stormwater infiltration system and driveway restoration. (Please direct all questions or concerns related to restoration to City Engineer, Lynn Burnett, P.E., at

Other Activities

Rehabilitation of Sewage Lift Station #55 within the County’s existing easement on the eastern side of the Imperial House property is ongoing, expected to be complete in January 2019.

Crews will work to maintain access/flow of traffic as work is being performed, with cones and signage in place to assist travelers/pedestrians.


Final installation and inspection of the rights-of-way along various segments of the project route are underway.

Permanent restoration of right-of-way areas along Avenue C will be performed by Westra Construction under the oversight of the City of Bradenton Beach. Once right-of-way restoration is complete, crews will perform final asphalt/paving installation.

Maintenance of Traffic:

To ensure the safety of work crews and the traveling public, motorists are reminded to observe the reduced speed limit, yield to pedestrians/bicyclists, watch for flagmen, and be mindful of trucks and heavy equipment traveling and operating in and near construction zones.

Bicyclists and pedestrians are asked to observe directional signage and utilize designated/temporary crosswalks and sidewalks when traveling through construction areas.

Construction Project Map